HaviKoro Breakin' in Georgia, Bulgaria, Italy and Greece

HaviKoro break dancers tour Georgia, Bulgaria, Italy and Greece

In three weeks, HaviKoro of Houston toured four countries in Eastern and Western Europe reaching hundreds of thousands in Georgia, Bulgaria, Italy and Greece with their amazing Break Dancing skills.
Georgia: Highlights of the tour were workshops and performances in the regional cities of Kutaisi, Rustavi and the capital, Tblisi. The extensive media coverage included Rustavi2 TV's 'Good Morning Georgia' show reaching an estimated hundreds of thousands of viewers.
Bulgaria: Next stop on  the tour was Bulgaria where, on their first day in Sofia, HaviKoro appeared on 'The Slavi Show' which is the country's equivalent of the U.S.' Jay Leno show. Subsequent performances took place in Smolyan and Plovdiv with a final gala performance in Sofia at the National Theater.

The Italian program was centered on outreach to immigrant and low-income communities in the suburbs of Rome and Naples. Workshops took place at the Amaldi High School in the Roman suburb of Tor Bella Monaca as well as at the High School for the Performing Arts. The gala concert took place in the Parco Della Musica's Sala Petrassi for an audience numbering in the thousands. HaviKoro proceeded on to Naples where they hit the ground running with a performance and discussion session with students of the Garibaldi High School in one of Naples' roughest neighborhoods. The Naples program concluded with a workshop at the Accademia della Spettacolo. 
The Greek program began in Sparta in a joint performance with the Sparta B-Boys outdoors in Sparta's main square. In Athens, HaviKoro performed at the ACS Arts Center alongside an extensive line-up ofGreek Hip Hop groups such as Phyron Son, Sub Zero, Tag Ram and Breakers Without Fear. The following day a workshop was offered in the same venue. The Greek program concluded in Thessaloniki at the YMCA with the local dance group Totally Reality with  the mayor in attendance. A final workshop was offered the next day to the Thessaloniki International Dance Club.