Joe B / Joe Belmarez - Rap and DJ

DJing, Rapping, Spoken Word, Beat Boxing and Turntablism

Rebel Crew, Starlight VIP, Sunburn Recordings, SF

Fresh out of space city, Texas, DJ and producer Joe B is bringing the world a unique blend of break beat fund and 2 steps, with a twist of Latin electro. This “B-boy breaks of the millennium” is snug playing this mix, but his roots are in all aspects of breaks – jungle, trip hop, acid jazz, dancehall, reggae – gives him further musical credit. Since the 80’s he’s been rockin’ crowds and releasing tracks that put Houston on the map. In 1984 Joe B was break dancing when he hit the decks at 13, all while learning to play the trumpet in his school band. With the help of mentor peter parker, Joe B honed his hip hop skills and soon developed his DJing techniques on the turntables. At first, Joe only spun classic break dance anthems with mad respect for Africa Bambaataa, Zulu Nation and the whole NYC sound. Soon after he would tailor his sets for the ladies with various top 40 dance mixes, with those b-boy beats.
As Houston’s original ol’ school tag team DJ crew, Ralph & Joe, the duo’s been rockin’ beats on the one’s and two’s in a true party atmosphere since ’85. Having been schooled at an early age, 15 year-old Joe generated enough income to purchase a drum machine and began to produce beats. He eventually formed what we know today as rebel crew. Thus, he began a lifelong commitment to hip hop culture and his musical family. The rest is history.
This north side Houston native has been a major contributor to the Texas underground music scene – from rap bands, lain jazz ensembles, DJing major b-boy competitions, and graffiti art showcases, local radio shows to massive rave parties. In ’97 Joe B, then known as psychedelic B-boy, and the rebel crew kicked things off after san Francisco DJ/Producer Gavin Hardkiss signed them a multiple release deal on his label, sunburn recordings ( Joe B.’s electro-funk/Latin flavored productions have been recognized and acclaimed by URB, Mixer, XLR8R, DJ and DMC weekly update (UK) magazines.
This year he released Traxx from the wax (Starlight VIP), a hip hop to acid jazz compilation CD of local talent that came through legendary Club Waxx in Houston. He’s got four breakbeat tracks, two of which were produced with rebel crew, featured in recently released Looking Through Rose Tinted Shades, a Gavin Hardkiss mix CD on Shadow Records. In the works is a 2002 release of Joe’s full length, self-titled LP on his Starlight VIP label.
Joe B’s a true playa and jack of all trades in the global underground.
He continues to add the freshest hip hop, dancehall, 2 step, disco, beats and breaks to his extensive, classic record collection, including his releases. With this type of exposure Joe B always brings the B-boy beats near you!