YungChris / Chris Thomas - Hip Hop Dance

House, Popping, Locking, Freestyle, Krumping and Graphics

Born and raised in Houston,Texas, YungChris has spread his wings across the world through dance. Performing as “YungChris INTERNATIONAL,” he has taught and danced in dozens of countries ranging from Lebanon, Syria and Palestine to Nepal, Kyrgyzstan and Mexico. The upcoming touring season will take him to India, Tajikistan, Malaysia and Thailand.
His training includes styles of dance such as African traditional, jazz, and all style of Street Dance such as Hip Hop, B-boying and House. This versatility lends a unique edge to his style as both a teacher, choreographer and performer.
Over the years of YungChris has had the opportunity to work with the Houston Comets Team “NRG,” Houston Rockets “Launch Crew,” Urgeworks, Havikoro, Dance Force, Flykids, Studio 8, Soundbox, Planet Funk, Dance Houston, SoReal Studio and many more across the United States. Chris has also won two of Debbie Allen’s Fame “US” challenges local and nationally and is currently signed to Clear Talent NY. You can also find Mr. INTERNATIONAL in house and freestyle battles across the world under the name of “The Lion of Judah,” he does it all.
He has taught Hip Hop dance at the University of Houston, Texas Southern University and in artist-in-residence programs in public and private schools in Texas, Virginia, Maryland, Arizona, New Jersey and North Carolina.
He has been touring as performer and teacher for Houston-based international cultural engagement organization, American Voices, since 2007. His recent performances and choreographies at the YES, Youth Excellence on Stage, Academies in Lebanon and Syria won the accolades of both the local media and the public.
With his wide range of performance and choreography experience, YungChris is in demand as an artist who can command any crowd or stage. Since his youth he has dreamt of spreading his wings and traveling across the world. YungChris INTERNATIONAL is looks forward to seeing you soon.