Youth Orchestras and Ensembles


American Voices offers musical training to instrumentalists in order to help them reach more advanced levels of performance and teaching.  Programs include private lessons and teacher training in American method books as well as the opportunity to play in orchestra and chamber music ensembles, often for the very first time.

Participants are drawn from music schools, universities and conservatories to learn new repertoire ranging from Baroque to popular and contemporary American music—from Bach and Beethoven to Bernstein and Hollywood film sound tracks.

American Voices gives students the opportunity to learn and perform a wide range of orchestral and chamber music.  This often includes repertiore standard in the United States but completely unknown to youth in Iraq or Thailand.

American Voices has built up the longest running youth string orchestras in Iraq and Lebanon and brought together the only nationwide and ASEAN wide youth orchestra in Thailand.

A significant part of the orchestral and chamber music programs are geared toward learning new music and supporting young composers, conductors and arrangers in the nations where we work.

These programs are supplemented with music score, method book and instrument donations.





Videos from YES Iraq and YES Lebanon


Bach in Iraq: Concerto for 2 Violins in D Minor, by J.S. Bach


YES Academy Lebanon 2012 Final Concert