Established in 1993 in response to the fall of the Berlin Wall, American Voices’ programs focus on under-served youth in nations emerging from conflict or isolation and underscore training, mentorship, and capacity building in the performing arts. With an emphasis on unique American genres such as Broadway, Jazz, and Hip-hop, AV creates unique opportunities for emerging artists.

Programs We Administer

The American Music Abroad (AMA) and the Arts Envoy (AE) programs are a partnership between American Voices and the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA). While AMA tours bands in all genres to 25-30 nations per year,  the AE program sends a wide variety of American arts professionals – including performing artists, visual artists, poets, playwrights, theatrical directors and filmmakers, curators, and others –overseas to conduct workshops, give performances, and mentor young people. Both programs seek to connect with under-served international audiences and share the best of the U.S. arts community to foster cross-cultural understanding, collaboration, and to demonstrate shared values and aspirations.

Our Impact

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Get Involved


American Voices works with partner institutions through our YES Academy program to donate music scores and method books. Please contact us about your proposed donation!


American Voices seeks enthusiastic volunteers to host house concerts, donate time to our board, or provide pro-bono consulting services to help the organization grow its mission globally.

Music Scores

Your gift to American Voices can be directed to our scholarship, YES Academy, ‘Heart Of…’ world music programs or to an area of greatest need.


American Voices seeks donations of brass, woodwind, and string instruments in good condition that we can distribute to YES Academy participants.

Our Voices


“I grew up in Iraqi Kurdistan surrounded by war. As an aspiring female musician, it was hard to see any way out of the darkness. But American Voices, through its programs in Kurdistan, has given hope to me and countless others.”

Zhala Esmael, Iraq
Soprano and Violist, AV Scholar 2023-24

WedDawina is a musician

“Singing has always been my greatest passion but with the lack of opportunities it's hard to find the right place to guide you and help you stand out. Throughout American voices programs I had the chance to learn and create so much along side great singers and musicians and for that I'm so grateful.”

Wed, Sudan
Songwriter and Vocalist, AV Scholar 2023-24

BenhurMosazghi is a musician

“What an amazing semester it has been as a Freshman at Oberlin! Thanks to American Voices for helping me exceed my wildest expectations and dreams.”

Opera Singer, AV Scholar, 2023-24

JessicaBongos is a musician

“I thank YES Academy for bringing its magic to Nigeria. It’s been one of the best experiences of my life! Witnessing young Nigerian Artists leave the Program empowered, forever changed and more in love with their craft than when they joined the Program. I’m so grateful to be a part of this.”

Jessica, Nigeria
YES Nigeria Program, 2021-22