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American Voices has pioneered the use of Hip Hop as cultural diplomacy (“Hiplomacy“) as means for to teach positive self-expression, social cohesion and community development.
With the rise of Hip Hop as an international phenomenon, youth around the globe have turned to this form of modern urban poetry as a language of expression. This quintessentially American art form has gone global, and youth have found a voice through hip hop culture.

At American Voices Hiplomacy programs, students learn the fundamentals of Hip Hop and its history. Students learn elements of Hip Hop like how to rhyme, freestyle and beatbox.

Meanwhile Hiplomacy programs include sound engineering courses as well as classes on how to DJ and how to play the turntables. A major element of the Hiplomacy program is instruction in breakdance, as well as variety of Hip Hop dance styles such as Krumpin’, Poppin’ and Lockin’, and Vogueing. To conduct Hiplomacy programs, American Voices has partnered with the Havi Koro Crew of Houston, Texas on many occasions in a wide variety of countries ranging from Guatemala to Malaysia to Sudan.