Corporate Sponsorship

Sponsorship benefits for corporate sponsors of American Voices

American Voices welcomes corporate sponsorship of all of our programs and activities including concerts, festivals, and educational programs.  Our development team can tailor a sponsorship package that will drive a sponsor’s specific business needs in the areas of branding, profile building, hospitality and entertainment, sales promotions, public relations and employee involvement.  Since we reach out to many countries in all corners of the globe, sponsors have the ability to have a presence worldwide.   American Voices' not-for-profit status in the United State makes your contributions eligible for tax-deductible status under U.S. law.

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The Sponsorship Package

Depending on the type of sponsorship proposed, we offer the following benefits according to level of support:

  • Naming of the project or concert after the Presenting Sponsor. For example, "The XYZ Company American Artist-in-Residence Program in Your Country".
  • Company branding on all printed materials, press releases, media appearances and advertising. Signage and banners in performance halls, in agreement with partner institutions.
  • American Voices will make its artists available for sponsor-organized hospitality events such as a short performance.
  • Special recognition in printed concert programs.
  • Complimentary tickets and priority seating at events.
  • Opportunity to welcome concertgoers from the stage.
  • Artist availability for reception after gala concerts.
  • Inclusion on the American Voices webpage for one year.

Other Business Benefits

  • Community feel-good factor - promotion to local government
  • Association of product image
  • Contact with consumers
  • Opportunity for product sampling
  • Other business contacts
  • Tax benefits

We would like to thank our generous donors for their ongoing support.